New England’s Top Marijuana Security Company

In 2006, Rhode Island became the 11th state to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Security Concepts, Inc. was there to work with the Rhode Island Department of Health to assist in developing the program.  As a consultant to the RI Department of Health, Security Concepts developed the database and designed the ID Cards for patients and caregivers on DAY-ONE.

As caregivers began to legally grow marijuana in the state of Rhode Island, Security Concepts expertise was called on to design and install Video Surveillance Systems along with Intrusion Detection and Access Control measures to protect these small but high-risk clients.

Although possession of marijuana for recreational use remains illegal, the RI Department of Business Regulation has begun issuing Cultivator Licenses to keep up with the demand for product while managing the industry. Strict guidelines are in place for security in these business and private facilities and Security Concepts is the New England Expert.

Security Concepts, Inc. remains the “go-to” company for security design and integration of RIDBR approved systems.  We have worked with marijuana cultivators from Colorado, the Pacific Northwestern states and we are often used for consultancy or referred for installation of Medical Marijuana Security Protection.

Our expertise is reflected by our many years of experience and our client base across several marijuana dispensary and cultivator sites in New England.

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