Catalytic Converter theft is up 325%

Throughout our decades of experience, we often hear from our clients in the automotive industry that they have a recurring problem with theft or vandalism off-hours. The ideal car lot security solution looks something like this. Perimeter Protection Using Thermal Cameras Thermal cameras offer intrusion and video surveillance functionality in one device. These cameras, when strategically […]

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

by Tim Butler, Director of Safety & Compliance Between the crazy amount of snacks and the alcohol, it’s no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday cantotally derail your diet in a single day. You don’t have to sabotage yourself this year, though. You can enjoy game day with these healthier-for-you food ideas that still taste indulgent. […]

Securing Cannabis Facilities

ACCESS POINTS, CASH HANDLING AREAS KEY FOR EMPLOYEE, FACILITY SAFETY Originally published by Cory Harris in Security Systems News YARMOUTH, Maine—The topic of legalizing cannabis in the United States has risen to the forefront in recent years as more and more states open dispensaries for customers to purchase marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. To […]