Construction Site Security

5 Methods to Secure a Construction Site Construction site theft costs commercial projects an estimated $1 billion every year, and that only includes stolen equipment. The same study finds that less than 25% of assets stolen from a construction site are ever recovered. With theft being a constant concern for contractors, the industry has had […]

Catalytic Converter theft is up 325%

Throughout our decades of experience, we often hear from our clients in the automotive industry that they have a recurring problem with theft or vandalism off-hours. The ideal car lot security solution looks something like this. Perimeter Protection Using Thermal Cameras Thermal cameras offer intrusion and video surveillance functionality in one device. These cameras, when strategically […]

Hand Injury Prevention

Hand Injury Prevention At our job sites there are safety issues and hazards everywhere. It is up to you to know how to keepyourself as well as others safe while you are working. Some of those hazards are pinch points andhand injuries. Hand injuries are the second leading type of injury on the job site […]

Selecting the right Security System for Manufacturing Facilities.

Selecting the right Security System for Manufacturing Facilities. Selecting the right security system for your manufacturing facility can be a difficult maze to navigate without guidance from the experts. 360 cameras, POE, switches, databases, NVR’s… it can certainly get overwhelming. Here are some important factors to consider before beginning your security journey. Location What kind of […]

Handling Insulation Safely

Handling Insulation Safely by: Tim ButlerDirector of Safety and Compliance Fiberglass insulation offers an inexpensive yet highly efficient way to help lock in thermal energy in a building. At OMNI, each of our three divisions are often exposed to insulation at remodels, construction sites and in the industrial plants we service. Fiberglass insulation is the […]

Heinrich’s Safety Pyramid

Heinrich’s Safety Pyramid Heinrich’s safety pyramid shows us the different levels of safety incidents, beginning with unsafe actsand going all the way up to the worst-case scenario, death. There are many discussions on thevalidity of this pyramid, but for today’s purposes please focus only on the base of the pyramid,where accident prevention happens because everything […]

Noah’s Way Cornhole Tournament

Security Concepts Sponsors Noah’s Way Charity Cornhole Tournament This past weekend, Security Concepts was honored to sponsor and participate in the Noah’s Way Cornhole Tournament to help support families of children with down syndrome. While our all-star throwers  didn’t bring home the trophy in the 64 team bracket, there were plenty of winners as a […]

Tips to Improve Your Health at Work

Tips to Improve your Health at Work Staying healthy while working can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be if you start by making small changes to your daily routine. Here’s how to stay healthy during your busy workday. Do a Digital Detox If you’re on a computer for the majority […]

Dust Hazards in Construction

Dust Hazards in Construction Dust is just one of the many different hazards and dangers that survive and flourish in a construction site. Dust poses health concerns and worries including physical hazards for workers. The issue for the worker is to fully understand dust causation and then take the necessary preventative action related to this […]

10 Tips for Wet Weather Driving

10 tips for Wet Weather Driving. By: Tim Butler,  Director of Safety & Compliance Wait until the weather improves if possible or pull over during heavy downpours. Double check equipment (headlights, tail lights, wipers and tire tread). Slow down to at or below the posted speed limit. Use your wipers even if the rain is […]