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Parents are equally concerned about mass shootings and COVID; the majority want weapons screening in place Originally published by Anil Chitkara in Security Today While effectively dealing with COVID-19 is top-of-mind for facilities managers as they work toward getting students back to school full-time, a recent Harris Poll we commissioned indicates…(Read More)

Avigilon Partnership


Security Concepts is proud to announce its partnership with Avigilon. Avigilon’s partner program is an exclusive one, and the Security Concepts team is one of the few in the region that is certified to sell and install this top-notch solution. Avigilon’s video surveillance line is designed to provide high-grade picture quality…(Read More)

Going the Distance


Increasing Your Power Over the Network Originally published by Ronnie Pennington in Security Today Networked devices have made all the difference in giving security and communication systems far more ubiquity, capabilities, and performance than anyone could have dreamed of when the IP was invented in 1974. By the late 1980s, IP standards had improved to…(Read More)

Security Concepts recently joined forces with the innovative folks at Safe Zone, to offer state of the art gunfire detection solutions.  This critical technology in today’s world is being installed at schools, places of worship, hospitals, law enforcement buildings, commercial offices, and much more.  The Safe Zone Gunfire Detector not only registers…(Read More)

ACCESS POINTS, CASH HANDLING AREAS KEY FOR EMPLOYEE, FACILITY SAFETY Originally published by Cory Harris in Security Systems News YARMOUTH, Maine—The topic of legalizing cannabis in the United States has risen to the forefront in recent years as more and more states open dispensaries for customers to purchase marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes…(Read More)

Ed Walsh joins OMNI


Meet OMNI Resource Management’s Vice President Ed Walsh. Ed brings over 30 years of construction experience and has previously owned and operated a successful general contracting and consulting business for over 15 years. Ed manages OMNI Building Services, including pre-construction services, estimating, scheduling, budget preparation, and so much more to ensure properties are…(Read More)

Security Concepts, with ramped up sales activity, has closed the lead-time gap for Fever Detection technology cameras to two weeks.  “Most companies are promising 6-8 weeks delivery lead times” said company CEO Chris Pratt.  “We have crushed that time to 2 weeks for our customers” he said. Fever Detection cameras use…(Read More)

WORKPLACE RECOVERY SOLUTIONS Adapt to the COVID-19 Business Environment Security Concepts is part of OMNI Resource, a trusted provider of comprehensive facilities services, including electronic security, building technology, operations & maintenance, and project management, serving a wide variety of specialized industries. ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONSInstall safety technology to secure your facilities Access control to track occupancy…(Read More)

Video Intercom has always been an important element in visitor verification at businesses, multi-tenant buildings, and single-family residences alike.  The importance of these systems has been magnified by the evolving concerns pertaining to the COVID-19 virus, as it is critical to know who wants to enter the building. Security Concepts now…(Read More)

Solving challenges is what we do at Security Concepts and our Visitor Management Systems are tailored and scalable to meet whatever your need level is. During the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond, we continue to find solutions to new challenges and the adoption strategies facing business and building managers. Security Concepts’ transformative Visitor Management System…(Read More)